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Inclusion Resources

Inclusionary Practices Project Resources

Welcome to the AWSP Inclusion and Inclusionary Practices resource page. You can access recordings and resources from all our learning sessions and series focused on expanding and complementing the journey of your inclusionary practices. From Dr. Lauren Katzman, Dan Habib, Shelley Moore, and AWSP-created content, these resources will help you find your way.

If you have inclusion and/or inclusionary practices successfully implemented within your school communities, let us know. We would love to interview you on a podcast or highlight your good work in Principal Matters, AWSP News, or Washington Principal.

Join us and school leaders across the state for five one-hour learning sessions. Come ready to learn and collaborate to lead for a culture of inclusion within our schools and communities, with Dan Habib, creator of the award-winning films Including Samuel, Who Cares About Kelsey?, Mr. Connolly Has ALS and many other films on disability-related topics.
Inclusion has been a crucial professional learning focus for school leaders this year and will continue to be critical as we move our school communities forward into the opportunities and challenges ahead. As this unique school year draws to a close, we brought the inclusion conversation full circle with Inclusion 360, a live webinar on May 10, 2021. In this workshop we will introduce you to the OSPI Inclusionary Practices Professional Development Project, give you a bit of history on this topic and provide you with tools you can use as you learn more about creating culture, systems, and learning that support Inclusionary Practices and your leadership. At AWSP, we believe that Strong Leaders Support ALL voices. 
We are proud to present Shelley Moore's special edition of 5 Moore Minutes videos and podcast in partnership with AWSP. Based in Vancouver, B.C., Shelley Moore is a highly sought-after teacher, researcher, consultant, and storyteller. She has worked with school districts and community organizations throughout both Canada and the United States.
AWSP is excited to partner with world-renowned educator, YouTube video sensation, TED talker, and our neighbor to the north, Shelley Moore for two amazing leading for inclusion events. If you missed it live, you still have time to watch these incredible courses, packed with personal stories, and incredibly useful information.
Looking to build and flex your “why inclusion, why now” muscles? Check out our Building the Infrastructure for Equity and Inclusion with Shelley Moore recorded webinar. This webinar is based around Shelley’s research in theory and effective practices of inclusion, special education, curriculum, and school leader professional development.
Join us for AWSP’s A Matter for Principals podcasts focused on building inclusionary practice within school cultures, systems, and learning as we talk to school leaders who are “leaning in” to what inclusion looks, feels, and acts like within their school contexts. Most principals in this series are engaged in AWSP's Leadership for Inclusion cohort series with Shelley Moore. We now bring you a self-guided professional development series that zeroes in on a subgroup of learners who are generally the farthest from educational justice: Students with Disabilities. The series will highlight the importance of all students having access to effective Tier 1 core instruction and school leaders facilitating the implementation of effective inclusionary practices. Visioning into this new decade, the need to develop and refine our equity lens in service of all students continues to be paramount in leadership practice. The body of research consistently supports the positive link between access to core instruction in general education settings and improved outcomes, academically, socially, and emotionally for students with disabilities.
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Welcome to AWSP’s and AESD’s joint collaboration on School Leadership: Reflection and Action planning for Inclusion and Inclusionary Practices. Our hope is that you would come back to this series as you work through a cycle of planning and implementing inclusion in your context. We're back with inclusion rockstar Shelley Moore for a second year Leadership for Inclusion! Our time together will be listening, learning and collaborating to lead for a culture of inclusion within our schools and communities. Sessions will be available to the public shortly after they are recorded.
AESD, AWSP and WASA, are working collaboratively to align inclusionary practices improvement work across the state of Washington. Our commitment to co-designing and creating common tools and materials is to build collective understanding on how to lead for inclusive education for each and every student in Washington.