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Create or Find Your AWSP Account for the Learning Lab


This course will help you get signed into an existing AWSP account, find out if you have one if you're not sure, or create a free AWSP account to get logged in for classes and events in the AWSP Learning Lab.

About AWSP Accounts

Your AWSP account will allow you to sign in to the AWSP website, register for events, purchase publications, and sign in to other services, like our learning management system here. You do not need to be a member to have an AWSP account. 

In the Learning Lab, your account will let you:
  • view your course history,
  • pick up right where you left off,
  • register for and join live web events with one click,
  • add events to your calendar
  • earn certificates and clock hours, 
  • participate in comments and discussions, and
  • more. 

Changed Schools or Districts Since Last Logging In?

Because your username is an email address, and by default, it's your work email address, you will need to reach out to us so we can update your email/username for you.

Quick Links

Watch the quick videos below for more help.