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New Student Growth Goals: Effective Conversations for School Leaders

In this free, on-demand course, Becky Lee and Anzara Miller guide you through the new student growth goals for teachers and walk you through how to have effective conversations.

Three leadership clock hours are available for purchase after completing the course.

Course Objectives:

  • Explore revised student growth rubrics and guidance from OSPI around the revisions and implementation.
  • Revisit the supervisory role in teacher evaluation for the purpose of teacher and student learning.
  • Grow school leader/ teacher evaluator skills to have efficient and effective goal-setting conversations.
  • Utilize the skills of invitational inquiry to navigate conversations around student growth and teacher evaluation.


Becky Lee, Principal, Summit Virtual Academy, North Thurston Public Schools
Anzara Miller, Danielson State Framework Lead; and Director of Leadership & Development, Center for the Strengthening the Teaching Profession

This course was made possible thanks to TPEP funding through OSPI.