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AI Principals: A Series to Help School Leaders Understand, Use, and Lead with AI

Are you a school principal or assistant principal looking to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance your leadership skills and streamline your administrative processes? Join us for a transformative six-part webinar series designed exclusively for educational leaders like you! The webinars are free. Six leadership clock hours are available for purchase.

  1. Introduction to AI: Dive into the fascinating world of AI and gain a foundational understanding of its applications in education and beyond.
  2. Using AI to Take Back Time and Be More Productive: Discover practical AI tools and strategies to reclaim precious time in your busy schedule and boost your productivity.
  3. Using AI to Deal with Conflict and Respond to Hot Topics: Learn how AI technologies can assist you in managing conflicts and navigating sensitive issues effectively.
  4. Using AI to Accelerate Your Team Processes and Improvement Efforts: Explore innovative ways to leverage AI for team collaboration, project management, and continuous improvement initiatives.
  5. Dealing with Security, Confidential Data, and Possible Risks/Bias Issues: Understand the importance of safeguarding sensitive information, mitigating risks, and addressing potential biases in AI applications.
  6. Leading Your Staff in Their Embracing of AI: Develop leadership strategies to foster a culture of AI adoption and empower your staff to embrace AI technologies for enhanced performance and innovation.
Join us for this enriching webinar series and unlock the potential of AI to propel your leadership journey forward! Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your leadership approach with AI. Reserve your spot today and embark on a transformative learning journey!

Can't make the in-person times but want to see the content? Register for all of the sessions anyway. We'll post the recordings within one week of the webinar time for on-demand access and you'll get an email when those go live.